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  • Fabric Universe

    Fabric Universe

    From Beaded Lace to Sequins, Decorative Party to African Embroidery – WE CARRY IT ALL

    Here at Fabric Universe, we take pride on providing only the latest and greatest fabrics available on the market!

    We offer a countless selection of embroidered beaded lace fabric, sequin fabric, decorative party fabric and african embroidered fabric to tailor to your every need.

    Our fabrics are perfect for dresses, bridal wear, wedding dresses, gowns, costumes, drapes and all other formal occasions.

    Simply, we excel in providing our customers with the most gorgeous, high quality fabrics on the market!

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  • Beaded Lace & Lace Fabrics

    Beaded Lace & Lace Fabrics

    At Fabric Universe, we offer only the highest quality beaded lace fabric on the market!  All of our fabrics are 100% hand made from start to finish including hand sewn beads.

    Search our huge selection of embroidered beaded lace fabric and embroidered beaded lace with sequins fabric and check out the vast number of available fabrics with various bead patterns and various lace patterns available at your disposal.

    The embroidery featured on our beaded lace fabric include many elegant yet exotic designs in an effort to provide our customers with the most gorgeous and complete collections available on the market!

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  • Sequin Fabrics

    Sequin Fabrics

    Sequins add a unique glamour to fabric that cannot otherwise be achieved.  That is why we offer only the most unique and popular sequin fabric available on the market. These sequined fabric are perfect for all those eye-catching dresses, costumes and all other exciting decor.

    At Fabric Universe, we offer only the most vibrant and colourful collection of sequin fabric in an effort to provide our customers with the most suitable fabrics for your most special occasions.

    Whatever the occasion, we are sure to have a sequin fabric designof your liking!

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  • Decorative Party Fabrics

    Decorative Party Fabrics

    When it comes to decorative party fabrics, we cannot be beaten! Our grand selection of luxurious fabrics are a perfect dressing for all those tables and chairs that need that elegant look to them.

    At Fabric Universe, We have all the right designs for your decorative party fabric needs. A countless number of magnificent fabrics are available at your disposal each and every day.

    Our decorative party fabrics are guaranteed to add a level of style and class that cannot be achieved elsewhere!

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Beaded Lace Fabric, Lace Fabric, Sequin Fabric, Decorative Fabric

Please search our huge selection of high quality Beaded Lace Fabric, Lace Fabric and Sequin Fabric. We also offer a wide variety of Decorative Party Fabric and African Embroidered Fabric.