Coral Floral Beaded Embroidered Lace Mesh Fabric

$54.95 $49.95

This fabric is 50″ inches wide.

Coral floral mesh with embroidery beaded lace and flowers.  Detailed borders on both sides. Design #H8663 is also available in other colors.

*Lower wholesale prices are available for larger orders.  Please contact us.*


Coral Floral Beaded Embroidered Lace Mesh Fabric

This unique coral beaded embroidered lace mesh fabric uses beads and flowers to highlight its strikingly elegant embroidered work. Multiple dense, high-end threads and incredible embellishments show the extremely detailed handwork. Note the rich borders on both sides. This fabric has a very large amount of handwork and detail on it, and is among the highest quality beaded lace fabric on the market. It retails at other competing stores in excess of $350 per yard!

Very high quality fabric perfect for dresses, gowns, bridal wear, drapes and all other formal occasions.

This fabric can be found in other colors. Search by color or by design number.