Fuchsia Floral Lace Sequin Fabric from Fabric Universe


Fuchsia floral lace with sequins, on a nylon mesh, with detailed scalloped borders on both sides.  Design #JH111026-7

This fabric is 52″ inches wide.

*Lower wholesale prices are available for larger orders.  Please contact us.*



Fuchsia Floral Lace Sequin Fabric from Fabric Universe

This Fuchsia Floral Lace Sequin Fabric features sprays of embroidered flowers on a fine nylon mesh background. Tonal violet-colored sequins enhance the bouquets and richly embellish the border edges. Both sides of this 52 inch fabric are decorated with heavily detailed scalloped and floral lacework borders. The sequins are denser at the border edges.

This is a fun and flirty material for elegant gowns, bridal party dresses, and formal draperies. We look forward to seeing what you create with it!

This design pattern is also available in other colors. Please search by design number or browse by color.


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